RUSH: Why Would Obama Be Ensuring High Prices For Insurance Companies?

RUSH: Why would Obama be ensuring high prices for the insurance companies?  Why in the world in all of this wouldn’t Obama be trying to guarantee low prices for his voters?  That’s what he promised ’em.  But instead the insurance companies are benefiting.  But if you talk to them, some of them are, some of them are not.  But as premiums skyrocket and health insurance companies decide to get out of various segments of the business, it is clear that what’s happening here. Obama needed the insurance companies and the hospitals from the very first days of trying to sell this. He needed them on board for his massive health care reform.  He needed them to be partners in the advertising. He needed them to be partners in the message. 

If you’re an insurance company and here you’ve got Barack Obama and he’s promising that every American, by law, is gonna have to have insurance, you are an insurance company, you don’t have to do anything.  The president is giving you 35, 43, whatever the number is, million brand-new customers, and you don’t have to do one penny’s worth of advertising.  All you gotta do is support the president.

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