RUSH: Why Were The Media And Democrats Not Worried About Russian Collusion Before The Election?

RUSH: Why did you not hear about any of this before the election, by the way, folks? Why were the media and the Democrats not worried about Russian collusion before the election? Remember, they thought they were gonna win. They didn’t want her victory tainted with anybody thinking that the Russians had engineered it. It was only after she lost that they ginned this thing back up to full speed. But before the election when they thought they were gonna win, there wasn’t any talk about the Russians determining the winner. They were trying to connect a few small dots that Trump was colluding with the Russians, but they weren’t worried about it except that it indicated Trump was a traitor.

But there wasn’t any fear that it was gonna matter. They wouldn’t dare allude that it mattered because that would taint Hillary’s eventual win. Well, my point is, they don’t even believe it. They don’t even really believe the Russians colluded. That’s why they had to make it up in the dossier! They had to pay for it, make it up, pay for it to be written, all of this is a crock of lies like you’ve not seen before!


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