RUSH: Why Isn’t Hillary Running With The Promise Of An Obama Third Term?

RUSH: We’ve had seven years of the Democrats practically unopposed to do whatever they want to do.  There should be this Promised Land by now, or there should be some sign of it.  There should be utopia. At least it ought to be out there on the horizon. We ought to be getting close to it here after seven years unfettered, seven years unopposed, seven years unstopped.  Where is it?  Why does she need to “fix” anything?  What in the world has gone wrong, and why?

To me those are valid questions that disqualify her and disqualify any other Democrat that wants to be president.  If what they believe in — and I’m serious about this. If what they believe in is the cat’s meow, if the things they believe in are the things they have been doing the past seven years, her entire campaign ought to be, “Elect me so we can keep doing what we’re doing.”  We’ve had the first African-American president elected; it’s historic.  We’ve had the first national health care system impaneled.  We’ve had the first nuclear deal for the Iranians.

We’ve had the first of a whole bunch of stuff.  The border is wide open.  What’s wrong?  Why doesn’t she run promising to be Obama’s third term?  Why doesn’t she promise that she’s going to continue everything that’s happened because it’s so superior to anything else we’ve ever done?  Why does she feel compelled to admit things have gone wrong?  Why does anything need to be fixed?  Isn’t that what Obama did?  Didn’t Obama fix 200-plus years of mistakes, 200-plus years of misery?  Didn’t Obama begin to transform 200 years of racism, bigotry, sexism, homophobia, and all of that?

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