RUSH: Why Isn’t GOP Using Border Episode To Prove The Need To Secure The Border And Defeat Amnesty?

RUSH:  I want to go back to the call that we just had from Chris in Charleston, South Carolina, because there’s a larger question that he was actually addressing.  What he really wanted to know, why don’t the Republicans go find Bernadette Lancelin in Houston?  By the way, we’re working on that.  We have to edit it for our broadcast purposes.  Not the substance, just get rid of some of the fluff so it doesn’t take 10 minutes to listen to.  I’ll have it for you here in mere moments.  But he wanted to know, why don’t the Republicans go down there and lasso this woman, bring her to Washington, do a public event with her, and tell her that the Republican Party has the answers to the questions that she was asking.

Now, here’s the sad, I gotta hit you between the eyes with it, what it really meant.  His suggestion, the fact that he even had to suggest it, is very troubling.  Because the larger question that his idea exposes is this.  We have a humanitarian crisis.  We have, just since April, 240,000, maybe 300,000, conflicting numbers, but we’re talking about rounding errors now.  Just since April 240,000 to 300,000 illegals have flooded the border, and of those, 55,000 are children.  Why aren’t the Republicans using this episode to prove the need to secure the border and defeat amnesty?  That’s the question he was really asking. 

And let me ask you another question.  Have you heard anybody in the Republican leadership — you’ve heard Cruz, and you have heard a couple others — but have you heard anybody in the Republican leadership even try to turn this issue into a political advantage for the Republican Party?  It’s a sad reality, folks.  Apparently what is happening in this humanitarian crisis is, in and of itself, not even enough for the Republican Party to try to draw distinction between itself and the Democrat Party with.  That is just amazing to me!

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