RUSH: Why Is The Sports Media So Excited About An Openly Gay Player In The NFL?

RUSH:  Let me ask the question in a different way, ladies and gentlemen.  A question about Michael Sam, University of Missouri, who has announced he’s gay. He announced to his teammates a year ago.  He played the entire 2013 season. He came out, team did well, Cotton Bowl, 12-2 season, best season Mizzou’s had in a while. Hey, see, it doesn’t hurt the team.  It may have brought the team closer together, who’s to say? 

Why is the sports media — well, the whole media, but why is the sports media so excited that there will be a publicly out gay player in the NFL?  What does it matter?  What’s the big deal?  Why are they so excited about it?  And, if you go to the right places, why are they so mad about it?  And when I say “mad about it,” depending on where you go, you can read sports media types who are mad that this is a big deal ’cause they think there’s all kinds of hypocrisy. They think there’s gay players all over the league. Nobody’s got the guts to come out, the gay players don’t have the guts. The straight players don’t have the guts to openly admit that there are gay players in the locker room and peacefully co-exist with them. Nobody’s got the guts. That we shouldn’t even be going through any of this and so they’re mad about it.

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