RUSH: Why Is The Media Defending Conservatives On IRS Scandal?

RUSH: “Why is the media all of a sudden defending conservatives?” The question that most people wanted to know from me was why in the world is the media defending conservatives on this IRS business? You know, the IRS story breaks Thursday or Friday, and the media immediately jumps on the IRS and Obama as well. You would not believe the collection of Drive-By stories that I have today quoting prominent Drive-Bys. I mean, Tom Brokaw, Joe Klein, they are all comparing Obama to Nixon. Why, folks, that’s the worst comparison a president can have, as levied by the Drive-By Media.

I must admit for a while that I, too, was a little confused by this. There were some people who theorized, “Well, they dropped this IRS thing because what they really want to do is hide Benghazi. The thing they’re really worried about is Benghazi, and so they dropped this IRS business on Friday in order to distract everybody from Benghazi.” Now, the president just addressed Benghazi, too, and it was like we live in an alternative universe. There’s no “there” there. There’s no cover-up. Those talking points, we didn’t rewrite those. Those talking points were everything I was getting in my daily brief five days after the event. Susan Rice didn’t say anything that I wasn’t being told by the intel.

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