RUSH: Why Doesn’t Coke Produce The Product With Labels Printed In 10 Different Languages?

RUSH:  How about the Coca-Cola commercial?  You see the Coca-Cola commercial in the Super Bowl?  The Coca-Cola commercial, it says here in an AP story, “landed in the proverbial hot seat, but not for being lewd — it showed Americans of different races and ethnicities singing America, the Beautiful in a variety of different languages. After it aired, many took to various social networking sites to express their outrage at the song being performed in any language other than English.”

Now, I gotta take back everything I said about watching these, ’cause I warned you — not warned you, I urged you — you know, “Watch these commercials, and you’ll get a good handle on the pulse of the country.  It’s up to these advertisers to know how to reach these people to accomplish whatever they want, be it brand enlargement or brand identification, reinforcement, or the actual sale of product that they can track that day.”

I mean, ultimately, every advertisement’s designed to sell product, but some are results oriented and they want to start tracking it immediately.  Others are just brand ID, brand recognition.  There are any number of different reasons, but whatever the reason, with as much time as these advertisers have and as many money as they’ve committed to it, you figure they’ve got the best people on the campaign whatever it is gonna be run.

So Coca-Cola comes up. If you think the best way, if you are convinced that the best way to sell Coca-Cola to Americans is to sing America the Beautiful in multiple languages, then why don’t you produce the product with labels printed in 10 different languages?  Every market gets 10 different label versions of Coke. You get 10 Diet Coke labels, 10 more for Sprite and so on, and if you run out of shelf space, just go buy more shelf space and load ’em up.

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