RUSH: Why Does Marlo Thomas Need A New Start?

RUSH: Anyway, some of the other women at this thing:  Gayle King, HBO’s Sheila Nevins, Joanna Coles, Joy Behar, Gloria Steinem, Diane von Furstenberg, Meredith Vieira and Atria’s Judith Curr.

Why?  They’re Democrats.  The leader of their party is out there making this big push for income equality.  Why are they trying to better themselves?  Why does Marlo need a new start?  Why does she need a new book?  Why does she need to even think about realizing dreams again?  I’m sure she’s realized her dreams over and over.  Now she wants to reinvent her life, realize her dreams, anytime, any age.  My point, these are a bunch of hypocrites, folks.  While their leader Barack Obama is out trying to convince you to give up, that the deck is stacked against you, that this country is so unfair and unjust, that the one percent, the Koch brothers, whoever they are, are taking everything and there’s nothing left for you.  The only way you have a chance is to keep voting for them so you get what you need to get by.  You should be happy with that.

We should all not be happy until everybody is making the same. Here you have these people that vote for this guy.  They’re out there trying to get richer and richer and more powerful and more powerful every day.  And they already are.  So they are apparently free and clear and able to go ahead and follow the natural human order, which is self-improvement, make yourself better, improve your standard of living, improve your lot in life.  They’re free to tackle that as often as they want without criticism.  If they pull it off, they’re going to be celebrated.  These women will be given awards for these books and these stories and so forth.  And they’ll have another lunch at Michael’s to celebrate what a great meaningful book Marlo wrote.  Or maybe that’s what this was. 

But it burns me up.  These people are a bunch of hypocrites.  The people that make this country work are not the Marlo Thomas’s of the world or Arianna Huffingtons or whoever.  The people who make this country work are out in parts of country that David Gregory needs a psychological analysis to be able to relate to, and they’re working hard every day and they’re trying to utilize the freedom they’ve got.  They’re trying to improve their lot in life.  And when they make 150 grand, somebody comes along in the Democrat Party and says you’re getting too rich and we’re going to raise your taxes and put you on our health care plan that you can’t keep your doctor anymore and so forth. They do everything they can to put obstacles in these peoples’ way and start bludgeoning them with guilt over this notion of income equality, because there’s too much income inequality.

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Rush Limbaugh Explains Marlo Thomas’s Hypocrisy

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