RUSH: Why Didn’t Obama Grant Amnesty When He Controlled Congress?

RUSH: So yesterday on this program I made a salient point.  I pointed out that while Obama is out blaming the Republicans for doing nothing, and that’s why he’s gonna have to do blanket amnesty for, what, five million, six million illegal immigrants, he’s running around all these campaign-style appearances (imitating Obama), “Hey, you know what?  I’m willing to do the work.  If the Republicans won’t help me, if somebody won’t do it, then I’m gonna do it myself.” And everybody, “Yay, right on, Mr. Tyrant, you just go right ahead, and dude, we’re right behind you.”  You want to go pretend to be dictator, have at it.  We’re all for it.

Well, what did I point out?  Those of you who were here yesterday will recall that it was I, El Rushbo, who pointed out that President Obama had control of both houses of Congress for two years and did not move on an immigration bill.  And during that time, I think it might have been an interview on a Spanish language cable news network, the president even said that the Constitution prohibits him. That he can’t just willy-nilly enact laws, that Congress has to play along. 

He even pointed out to the UN when he spoke to the United Nations shortly after it was learned that a YouTube video had caused what happened in Benghazi, he said a number of the dictators at the UN had been asking him why they didn’t just put the guy in jail.  And Obama said at the speech at the UN, telling these tyrants, “Because of our laws. Our laws say that we have freedom of speech,” as though these gun-toting Star Wars cantina types had no clue about our Constitution. 

Anyway, he’s invoked it a number of times.  The Constitution limits him.  I think he told Jorge Ramos, wherever he is at Telemundo or Univision, and La Raza, couple other groups, and during those two years he was unopposed. The Democrats ran the House. The Democrats ran the Senate, for two years, and if Obama had wanted to do amnesty for all 11 million Americans at the time, he could have done it, and he could have done it according to the Constitution.  He had control of Congress.

Why didn’t he do it, was what I asked yesterday, why didn’t he do it?  He’s running around now saying that he would act unilaterally after refusing to act with Congress.  Congress won’t help him so he’s gonna have to act unilaterally.  However, he had a Congress for two years and didn’t do it. And the answer to the question is, he knew, and everybody in the Regime knew, that the American people were opposed to it, and he didn’t want the Democrats being blamed for it, because there was no credit.

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