RUSH: White House Press Briefings Are Scripted

RUSH:  That’s the nub of it right there.  This local reporter in Phoenix, correspondent Catherine Anaya, spent the day at the White House. You know, the White House does this. They call it Local Media Day, and they make cabinet secretaries, the president available for the local affiliate anchors to come in, and they give ’em three or four minutes and move on, and they have lunch with them at the White House. 

That’s not gonna happen because Obama’s on his way here to play golf, but she said that she went and she met the press secretary, Jay Carney. He told her how tough his job is, told her how much he’s got to know, things he’s gotta be up to speed on. And then she said that he mentioned that a lot of times the questions the reporters in the White House press corps actually ask are provided to Carney in advance so that he knows what he’s going to be asked and can prepare his answers before the briefing starts.

And sometimes those correspondents or reporters in the White House press corps also have Carney’s answers printed in front of them as he’s answering because of course that helps when they’re producing their reports for later on.  And that’s very interesting, she said.  So let me paint the picture.  This reporter says that Jay Carney demands, let’s say from F. Chuck Todd, questions. 

NBC White House correspondent F. Chuck has to submit his questions to Carney in advance so that Carney can figure out how he wants to answer them.  Then Carney prepares his answer and gives the text of the answer back to F. Chuck, which means that the entire press briefing is scripted, that the questions the reporters ask Carney he has already been informed about and he’s already answered them.

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