RUSH: Where Is The GOP Trying To Take Advantage Of The Harvey Weinstein Sex-Assault Scandal?

RUSH: Now, I have another question here. I have a question about this Harvey business. Where are Republicans, Republican leaders making hay out of this? I don’t mean joining in the assassination, character, whatever, of Harvey Weinstein. I don’t mean that. I mean, where is the Republican Party trying to take advantage of this? If this were a Republican to whom this was all happening, all we would be seeing is whatever Democrats think and what this shows us about the Republican Party and conservatism and what a bunch of whatevers they are.

Where is…? The Republicans don’t even play the game. There’s all kinds of points to be made here about phoniness, about hypocrisy, about these people claiming to be the great arbiters of culture and virtue and values. And look at them! Every major Democrat — Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton — tried to give Harvey Weinstein what he was asking those women for.

The Obamas and the Clintons gave Harvey what he was seeking from those women, because he was dumping money into the Democrat political campaigns and causes and doing everything he could to defeat Republicans. The gooey and the icky, sticky fingers of the Democrat Party are all over this, and it might help if the Republicans pointed it out.


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