RUSH: When Low-Info Voters Find Out They Can’t Get A ‘Chopadictomy’ All Hell’s Gonna Break Loose

RUSH: So you think the low-information voters are gonna love Obamacare because they’re gonna see Eva Longoria promoting it or their favorite NFL player promoting it? Let me just point something out to you. If your average Obama voter walking into McDonald’s in Port St. Lucie discovers they’re outta Chicken McNuggets and calls 911, what do you think is going to happen when that person wants to go to the doctor and somebody tells them “no”? The Democrat Party doesn’t like to tell anybody “no.” And do you know how many people are gonna be told “no” under Obamacare? If you think they go nuts when they’re outta Chicken McNuggets, wait’ll they need a chopadictomy or whatever. All hell is gonna break loose.

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