RUSH: When Are The Gay Activists Gonna Demand That Tony Dungy Be Fired?

RUSH: Anyway, a couple of snarky e-mails.  “So, when are the gay activists going to demand that Tony Dungy be fired at NBC?  When do you think that’ll happen, Rush?”  Because, if you’re just joining us, and it has now been confirmed, Tony Dungy did tell, and he’s the moral authority of the NFL.  When there is a moral dilemma or conundrum, they turn to Tony Dungy, the league does, other players do. They seek Dungy’s counsel on things.  He’s achieved that status.  He is a man of God.  He’s considered be incorruptible.

He told the Tampa Bay Times that he would not have drafted Michael Sam if he were head coach in the league precisely because Michael Sam was gay, that he would not want to deal with the mess, meaning the media circus. He said it’s not that I’m opposed to Michael Sam having an opportunity to play; I just wouldn’t have picked him.  Which, you people e-mailing me wondering about snark comments, there are. 

I have seen, I have found a couple of mini-snark comments in Drive-By sports media. The first half of the stories: Dungy unassailable, Dungy moral authority, Dungy understandable. But then at the end of the story, “But this is where Coach Dungy runs into trouble, because if it’s okay to discriminate against minorities because of too much trouble, then where would he be in the league?” 

So, I don’t know what’s gonna happen here.  You would think that Dungy would, I don’t know, be immune.  But even in some of the Drive-By sports media, they’re gonna have problems with this. (interruption)  You want to ask me an NFL marketing question?  By all means, ask me the NFL marketing much.  What is it?  (interruption)  Perhaps.  Snerdley wants to know, “Could it be that drafting the first openly gay player is a marketing ploy by the Rams ’cause you know it’s gonna sell tickets.” 

It might attract, it might expand the NFL audience to include gay people who may not be football fans, who might now be converted to football.  Is that what you mean?  (interruption)  Or just want to be supportive?  (interruption)  Okay.  So the Rams might sell more tickets than they otherwise would have because people just want be to supportive of the decision that they made.  Anything’s possible.  I mean, if you can have the whole month of October as pink month in the NFL, you could have a rainbow day. You know, one Sunday rainbow Sunday.

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