RUSH: What’s Happening To Michael Flynn Is “FLAT-OUT MEAN”

RUSH: When you boil this all down, what did Flynn actually do compared to the news…? I’ll guarantee you.

The average, ordinary American who watches 20 or 30 minutes of news maximum a day — and if they watch the mainstream media — they’re gonna the highway Michael Flynn’s the biggest villain this side of Richard Nixon. That’s the way he’s been cast. That’s the way he’s been reported. They don’t know why. They don’t know what. They just know, “Obama fired him, Trump had to get rid of him,” and they think they know that he was colluding with the Russians, because that’s been the substance of the reporting.

But when you get down to it, Sally Yates had no bombshells yet on Flynn. Clapper didn’t have any. Nobody has. If anything, Flynn has become a pinata to absorb all the negativism that’s associated with the Trump campaign and transition during this period as almost like a fall guy. I mean, the things they’re attributing to this guy? It’s… (sigh) Well, I can’t… (chuckles) Folks, it’s just flat-out mean what is happening to Michael Flynn. But this happens in this world. To people in this world, protecting their own skins — their own images, reputations, policies, administrations — is paramount.

There are people that bite the bullet, take the fall left and right throughout our political system. Some are compensated for it privately; some are not. Some just get an excrement sandwich thrown at ’em and they got no choice. The media has needed somebody. They’ve needed a face that they can portray as the conduit between Trump and the Russians, and they’ve got Flynn talking to the Soviet ambassador, the Russian ambassador, which everybody was doing. Ambassadors are salesmen.

I mean, the Soviet ambassador, Russian ambassador, talked to everybody. What Flynn… The big mistake that Flynn actually made was for some reason not telling Pence about his call with the Russian ambassador. Pence went on TV and repeated that story, and that was bad. That was actually a mistake that Flynn made. But beyond that, what did Flynn really do? Nobody knows! Yates didn’t have any bombshell. Clapper didn’t have any bombshell. Comey hasn’t had a bombshell. The FBI doesn’t have a bombshell.


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