RUSH: Whatever Obama Wants Has Now Been Rubber Stamped In The Senate

RUSH: A number of checks and balances were built in to prevent a tyranny from forming.  And the only way a tyranny can form is if the majority throws the rules out.  And it is a Democrat majority who has chosen tyranny here.  Now, the people in the media love it, and the people on the left love it because they don’t care how they win.  They’re not worried if they only have 20% of the people behind ’em.  They don’t care.  They have no concern whatsoever for the democratic process, obviously not.  But in terms of the nuclear option impacting Republican elections elsewhere, no.  But the nuclear option gives the Senate the power to mean whoever is elected to the Senate as a Republican doesn’t matter if they’re in the minority.  God could be a Republican senator and not matter. 

My point is, it doesn’t matter.  The Republicans may as well not vote.  Their votes mean nothing.  The people that elected them have absolutely no representation in the Senate at all, other than their senator maybe getting to participate in hearings and ask questions of witnesses, you know, whoop-de-doo.  It just means that the Senate no longer does advice and consent.  It’s simply consent.  This is a rubber stamp for Barack Obama, what has happened.  Whatever Obama wants that requires Senate approval has now just been rubber-stamped.  It’s not the House where all these judges have to be interviewed and pass muster and so forth, or cabinet appointees.  It’s the Senate.

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