RUSH: Whatever Good News There Is About ObamaCare Is Over

RUSH: Whatever good news there is about Obamacare is over.  Anything about Obamacare from this day forward is bad news.  Now, they do say that their website passed some screwball test today.  You know, big whoop.  It’s another thing out of Jay Carney’s mouth.  The reason that they’re delaying the enrollment mandate deadline beyond the election next year is because the rates skyrocket next year.  The rates skyrocket next year because they are based on the lies that the young and healthy were gonna flock to Obamacare, and they’re not.  The rates that everybody thought you and me and everybody was gonna be charged were projections based on what these loco weeds thought would be a mad dash by Millennials to Obamacare to sign up.

Look, folks, these people that are running this don’t know jack.  I’m telling you, they are theoreticians, faculty lounge theoreticians who have zero experience in the private sector in the real world.  They don’t.  There’s not one person involved in this who’s ever made a payroll, ever run a business.  They don’t have the slightest idea how the real world works.  And remember, they don’t understand the fragility of small business.  They think all business is filthy rich.  It’s the fatted golden goose, and it never is gonna run out of money.  They think that every business owner is filthy rich, hoarding money, cheating customers, not paying employees so they can have all the money for themselves.  That’s what they truly believe.

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