RUSH: What If Trump Behaving Nice With Chuck & Nancy Is About Furthering Along The Prospects Of Tax Reform

RUSH: You can’t ignore the impact that Trump’s leaning over and talking to Chuck and Nancy is having on the process, ’cause, remember, now, folks, a lot of these establishment types, they orgasm over this. “The two parties getting together and talking? Oh! That means Washington is working. Yes, let’s throw a party.” It doesn’t matter what Washington does. It’s just there’s governing go on. They’re actually talking.

I think within this realm that they’re talking about, that creates a positive attitude. And you could say… Let’s take these people that called yesterday who said that Trump may be two or three steps ahead of all of us, and you just don’t know it because the image is Trump is a bumpkin and he’s out of place and doesn’t know what’s going on. What if Trump behaving nice with Chuck and Nancy is actually about furthering along the prospects of tax reform? What if it’s about something else entirely?

Now, the Trump critics say, “He’s not that smart. The guy’s an egomaniac! The only reason he’s getting together with Chuck and Nancy is because the New York Times is praising him and he wants to be praised. He wants to be loved.” Trump supporters think, “This guy loved is strategic. Art of the Deal! He’s way ahead of us.” So it may well be that the convergence here on tax reform is a direct result of Trump talking to Chuck and Nancy and the ice being broken — gridlock, per se — in Washington.


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