RUSH: What if Republicans And Democrats Unite To Save The DACA Kids?

RUSH: What if all of a sudden out of the blue Republicans and Democrats in Congress unite and come together, and they do so to save the DACA kids, illegal noncitizens, the children? You know they’re gonna do this. Trump announces the end of the DACA program, six-month delay, gives Congress a chance to do something about this legislatively.

Now, Trump is in trouble on this because his base believed he was gonna get rid of this on day one. This was a day-one promise, to end Obama’s DREAMer program, the DACA program, just end it, and he didn’t do it, and now he’s doing it with a six-month delay, and you can see this coming. For the first time in Trump’s administration, Republicans and Democrats are gonna come together, ’cause the Chamber of Commerce wants it to happen, and they’re going to pass legislation that amnetizes the DACA kids.

You watch. It’s going to happen. They will not be able to pass the repeal and replace of Obamacare. They will not be able to get to health care and tax reform because of the urgency of hurricane relief preventing a government default and continuing federal spending. Those are the three priorities Mitch McConnell says are his and are also Trump’s. So no money for the wall. My prediction Republicans and Democrats will unify faster than you’ve ever seen ’em unify to come up with a bill that grants amnesty to the DACA kids. What if they pass legislation that would not have passed under Obama to save the DACA kids from deportation?

Folks, this is not pretty, because the Trump voter base, millions of Americans expected Obamacare to be repealed and by now, tax reform to be on the table by now, meaning lower taxes. Not only is the repeal and replace Obamacare thing a stink bomb, there is no real tax reform on the table yet. But we’re gonna have the debt ceiling expanded. We’re gonna make sure the government doesn’t default. We’re gonna make sure the government spending goes on for the 2018 midterms. No funding for the wall, but we’re gonna have amnesty for the DACA kids.

The Trump base is the Trump base. And they’re just as devoted to their issues like any other segment of the American voting public. And they have had unwavering faith in Trump. So what he’s gonna be faced with, let me tell you what’s gonna happen. Trump has kicked this can down the road six months to the Congress. You know what they’re gonna do? My prediction. My prediction. They’re gonna pass piece of legislation that essentially grants amnesty and they’re gonna send it to him. And it’s gonna end up back in his lap on his desk.

You know that’s what’s gonna happen. How else can this happen? You know that the establishment wants to stick it to him. The establishment would love, would absolutely love for Trump to sign an amnesty immigration bill, even if it is for five years olds. If it’s only for five people, they would love for Trump to sign. That’s what they’re gonna trying to engineer here, mark my words.

Now, that’s not gonna come without a cost because the Republicans, God bless them, they never, no matter what happens, they’ve just refused to understand two things: They refuse to get how angry their voters are at them in general, and they refuse to understand that the Democrats and the media are not gonna love them after this. The Democrats and the media are not gonna respect them if they side with the Democrats and come up with a bill that amnetizes the DACA kids.

Republicans aren’t gonna get a single bit of credit, they’re not gonna get any love, but they think that they still can. And what’s gonna happen is that if all of this that I have predicted comes true, they’re gonna further erode the base. And that is a violation of the current political law number one: Do not make your base mad. Ask Jeff Flake. Ask Eric Cantor. Ask Hillary Clinton. Ask Paul Ryan. You don’t do it. And they’re in the process of doing it.


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