RUSH: What If An NFL Player Ran Out Carrying A Confederate Flag?

RUSH: Let me ask you this. What would happen, do you think…? Snerdley, what would happen if during player introductions, a player ran out carrying a Confederate flag?

Do you think that they’d say, “Hey, freedom of speech! That guy’s got every right to say whatever he wants!” He would be thrown out of the league if he got out of the stadium alive. They’d probably have to put him on injured reserve before the game even started for what would happen to the guy. You think there’d be any tolerance for that? Hell, no! It’s not about that. It isn’t about freedom of speech. Remember Kaepernick. This all started… As far as the players are concerned, what they think, is it’s all about police brutality. Kaepernick laid it out:

“A country that doesn’t treat its people of color fairly and rightly. I don’t think I owe that country any respect or allegiance,” and that’s what everybody’s joining. But now when they’re being called on it, “Oh, no, no, no! We’re not dissing the flag.” Yes, you are! That’s what it looks like! When the flag is flying and the anthem’s playing and you take a knee or you sit on the bench (snorts), you’re not gonna convince anybody you’re thinking about the Constitution when that happens. You are asking for attention. You’re asking to be seen. You want to be seen so that when you’re asked about it you can complain about your grievance.

The players’ grievance is police brutality and inequality and all that. That’s what’s got ’em all revved up, and I wonder why. But you see, that’s just the face of it. That’s not the objective. What that is doing is exactly what it’s supposed to do. It’s disgusting people, and it’s causing them to tune out the NFL, because the objective is to harm the NFL as a business, and it’s succeeding. For every fan that boycotts, for every fan that cancels a TV subscription, for every fan that doesn’t buy memorabilia or tickets — for every fan that doesn’t watch the games on Sunday or Monday night — it’s working.

And the league, I think, is a clueless entity in the middle of this, as are the players.


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