RUSH: What Has Hillary Done For Your Child?

RUSH: I want to know — and folks, I mean, this seriously.  If the question sounds flippant, I don’t mean it to be.  I really need to understand this.  It’s part of my never-ending quest to understand progressivism.  I’m gonna ask any and all of you with children, progressives.

I want to know what Hillary Clinton has done for your child.  Because, man, did they make the claim that she’s done a lot and that she’s gonna keep doing it.  I want to know what she’s done for your child.  I want to know what Obama’s done for your child.  Seriously, I want to know. I would love to know what you think they have done for your child, or your children.  ‘Cause, man, when they stand up there and talk about all the things they’re gonna do and all the things they have done and they’re gonna help your children, I want to know what are they talking about.

And don’t start citing legislation to me, because the people out there, they’re not thinking, “Oh, Hillary sponsored the Child Protection Act of 1997, the children’s health insurance law!”  Really, is that what you really think helped your child?  But they’re not gonna cite that.  They don’t know that. The people I’m talking about, they don’t know that.  I’m talking the people who have your kids. You get up every day, you send them off to school or whatever. I don’t know what you’re doing with them. I don’t know where they go, whatever they do.

But I’m assuming you’re struggling because that’s how the Democrats portray you.

Hillary portrays everybody as struggling and suffering and barely getting by, and they are coming to your rescue. They are helping you.  What are they doing?  What do they do?  Is it the raising taxes on the rich?  I want to know: What is it?  Again, don’t mistake my passion for anger.  I’m genuinely curious to know.  Any of the bimbos, bimbo eruptions, women that Bill Clinton had affairs with? Any of them have children?  What did Hillary do for them?
Whose children?  Maybe that’s a better way to ask it: “Whose children is Hillary helping?”

Whose children has she helped?

Whose children will she help, and what does she do?

What has she done?

What is she doing?


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