RUSH: What Ashley Judd Really Means Is She Feels ‘RAPED By All Of Us’

RUSH: Ashley Judd, actress and left-wing activist, says the tragedy of Donald Trump’s election victory is far worse than when she was raped.

Okay, now, how do you deal with this? I mean, this is clearly — this is not sane. This is not rational. This isn’t anywhere close to rational. She said, “It remains for me the worst thing that’s ever happened to me in my lifetime,” meaning Trump’s election. “Raped as a child — bad. Re-raped by a political system that ordains a clown — really bad.”

She made the claim in a Huffington Post video titled, “Ashley Judd describes being triggered by Trump.” And she’s wearing one of those pink vagina hats, only they’re not called vagina hats. Remember those things from — by the way, you know, there’s another big women’s march. Wait ’til you hear who the three organizers are. Just wait ’til you hear it. I’ll get to that in due course.


RUSH: But when Ashley Judd said she feels raped by the election of Trump, what she really means is, she feels raped, worse than when she actually was raped, she feels raped by all of us who voted for Trump.


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