RUSH: We’re Watching An Utter Panic On The Left Because These Polls Are The Bible To Them

RUSH: You have these guys out in Colorado, we talked about ’em yesterday, that have not been wrong since 1980, and they put together their projection based solely on economic data. They don’t poll people, they don’t go out and sample the opinion; they just look at the economic data. They haven’t been wrong since 1980. They say Obama is gonna lose Pennsylvania. Romney’s gonna win Pennsylvania. They’ve got Romney at 330 electoral votes. And these guys haven’t been wrong. See, we’re watching an utter panic on the left because these polls are the Bible to them. It’s their polls. It obviously makes sense. They own ’em. They run ’em. And they report them. I have to tell you, I watch this with utter amazed fascination. We’ve got sound bites of the Drive-By Media in utter panic, and it is all centered around the debate, and they can’t believe that it happened.

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