RUSH: We’re ‘On The CUSP’ Of Having The Entire Washington Game ‘BLOWN TO SMITHEREENS’

RUSH:  These people are the Republican that looked the other way and didn’t have the guts to stop Obama when his budgeting went out of control.  I think Trump is literally going to try.  That’s why he’s got the people he’s got in his cabinet.  These are people that can’t spend willy-nilly.  These are people that have to show a profit all their lives.  They’ve had to answer to shareholders.  They have had to be responsible in the way they’ve conducted their business.

And they’re all fed up with the way Washington works.  And if these people — led by Trump — think that our airports, for example, are falling apart and need to be rebuilt and you tell ’em, “We don’t have the money for it,” these are people know how to find money that no politician says he can find.  I’m interested.  I really think that we’re on the cusp here of redefining the way Washington works.  I think that’s why Washington’s so paranoid.

CALLER:  I think you’re right.

RUSH:  I think we’re on the cusp here of having the entire game blown to smithereens.  Baseline budgeting, for example, is a trick that allows Washington to never cut the budget, that they put in the budget for that express purpose.  I think baseline budgeting is the kind of thing — maybe not specifically. But baseline budgeting is the kind of thing that people in Trump’s orb are gonna look at and say, “This is silly!  It’s stupid!  How can you authorize more spending when this budget area still has some left?”


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