RUSH: We’re Not Fringe Kooks, Obama And The Left Are

RUSH: A lot of things have me ticked off today. In fact, I’ve been ticked off all week. You’ve probably have picked up on that. I’m ticked off at things out there. I’m ticked off at FedEx, ticked off at incompetence in general. I’m really ticked off about this idea that you and me and so forth are kook fringe people, as though the Democrat Party and Barack Obama represent the center.

What is the center of American politics?


The vast majority of the American people don’t want it, and more people are joining that group every day when they learn what it means to them, and now they learn they’ve been lied to. They and we are the center. Are the people who want massive government running everything the center in politics today? BS. Is the center in American politics in favor of policies that bounce off this idea, this hoax of manmade global warming?

Is the center in American politics in favor of amnesty for 12 million illegals? Is the center of American politics made up of people who, when the government shut down, applaud opening it for a rally for illegals to go promote amnesty? Is that the center of American politics? It’s not. The fringe is running this country. The genuine left-wing fringe is running this country. We have a government that is governing against the will of the people.

We’re not the fringe kooks. They are.

Obama is a fringe kook.

Sebelius is a fringe kook.

Valerie Jarrett is a fringe kook.

The media who idolize these people are the fringe kooks.

Harry Reid is a fringe kook.

Only 20% of the population of this country self-identifies as liberal.

By definition, that’s fringe, and I’ll add in the characterization of “kook.”

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