RUSH: We’re Making More Progress In Defeating The Left And Re-Establishing The Concepts And Principles Of America

RUSH: You look and Hollywood’s imploding. The Kevin Spacey news, Harvey Weinstein, I mean, it is dire.

Now we’re learning that it may involve Leonardo DiCaprio. Hell, it involves everybody. What is it about the left and mistreatment of women? What is it about the left and racism? You look at every place they run, every town, every institution they run is a cesspool.

If you know how to look at it, if you know how to look for it, and if you can look past the daily soap opera or narrative the media hits you with, you’ll realize that we’re making more progress in defeating them and reestablishing the concepts and principles of America than we’ve made in the last 20 years. But you’re never gonna have the satisfaction of having the media on your side and therefore the media is never gonna reflect any of this. Just the exact opposite will be their mission.


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