RUSH: We’re Back In Iraq With Worse Prospects Than Back In 2003

RUSH: Now, I’m like everybody else; there are certain problems that I had with Iraq, too.  I think the mission was a little misstated.  The idea of creating a democracy, it’s a lofty goal. Getting rid of Saddam is one thing, which we did.  I understand Bush believes that, because of his Christianity, that the natural yearning of every human being is the spirit, the yearning desire to be free, throw off the shackles and be free.  And the belief was that if we establish a free Iraq, that it’ll be infectious and it’ll spread throughout the Middle East.

This was the grand plan, and it was admirable a plan.  I don’t know how realistic it was.  But it certainly was not illegitimate, and it certainly was not based on lies, and it was not based on false premises.  Bush just didn’t care to respond to any of the lies being told about him or his agenda or his foreign policy.  As a matter of policy, there was no response.  All these lies stood unchallenged.  The American people had no choice but to believe in it.

The American people were talked into believing that Iraq was one of the biggest mistakes this country’s ever made, bigger than Vietnam, all because that was in the best interests of the Democrat Party. Those daily body counts we got, when the body count was less after five years in Iraq than one day in World War II at D-Day, and yet that sense of perspective was never present, it was always missing, it was always gone, and people ended up being talked into, ’cause it was in the media, it was on TV. I saw it on TV: Iraq’s terrible. I saw it on TV: Cheney’s Darth Vader. I saw it on TV: Cheney never laughs or smiles. I saw it on TV: Rumsfeld, all he does is stand there with that military guy talking about war. I saw it on TV, it’s true.  It was all lies.

And now we’re in Iraq, we’re back in Iraq with worse prospects than before we went in there in 2003.  Obama just today said this bombing business could be a long-term project.  Oh.  See, he doesn’t have to face his base anymore, folks.  He’s not up for election anymore, so he doesn’t really worry.  The only thing he’s gotta be worried about is fundraising for his upcoming social justice presidential library.  Gonna need money for that.  But he’s gonna have plenty of foreign donors for that, if you get my drift.  He’d still like his Hollywood leftist buddies to chime in.

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