RUSH: We Don’t Need Conspiracy Theories To Explain What Happened In Libya

RUSH: No matter which of these three you choose to believe, there isn’t one of them that makes this regime look any good. For me, I don’t need any conspiracy theory. The facts alone here that we know are sufficient. Folks, I have known since January 16th of 2009 that we were headed for trouble. I have known since the campaign of 2008 we were headed for trouble if Obama was ever elected. This is 9/11. We have the facts on the ground. We’ve got people claiming credit for this. We have the terror organization that’s responsible for this claiming credit. We had every bit of evidence we needed to respond to this. We had every bit of intel, every provocation to respond to this. And this is when you double back to the families. The families don’t look at this politically, and they don’t understand it, and they don’t like it. So they’re going public with it.

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