RUSH: We Don’t Have A Conservative Political Party

RUSH: Let me ask you pointblank: Do you think the argument over big versus small government’s still going on, or do you think it’s over?  And if you think it’s over, who won?

How many people do you know whose vote is predicated largely or maybe totally on which candidate swears to get government out of as much of life as possible, and who is that candidate?  I would maintain to you that, in this cycle, we have two candidates representing the two major parties, neither of which is conservative.  I don’t think the Republican Party is conservative.  Maybe it is if compared to the Democrats.  Certainly it would be.

But if you are defining conservatism honestly and strictly, we don’t have a conservative political party.  We have two candidates representing two major parties, neither of which is conservative, the parties or the nominees, safe to assume.  So if you look at Trump’s plan for child care, maternity leave, elderly care, you could sit there and lament all day, “Oh, gosh, see?  This is exactly why we needed Cruz! We wouldn’t even be messing with this.

“If it was Cruz, we wouldn’t have to wade through all this ‘maybe,’ ‘if,’ or ‘what’ stuff.  We’d just have a 10% flat tax, put everybody under it, and get rid of virtually all deductions and just end the government paying people to do this and not paying people to do that.”  But we don’t have that.  Ted Cruz didn’t win.  We have what we have, and the politics of this right now.


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