RUSH: We Could Be On The Verge Of ‘BREAKOUT’ American Economy

RUSH: But, folks, the economics statistics here, these next few years we could be on the verge of a breakout American economy that would replicate previous eras of growth in this country that we haven’t seen since the 1980s. We’re on the precipice here of a rare opportunity.

We have innovation, growth. We have the opportunity… Look, Trump has defeated ISIS! This is another thing. The media’s not talking about that. Obama said, “ISIS? JV team!” He never even made a serious effort to stop ISIS. He claimed it couldn’t happen, couldn’t do it without angering the Russians, right? Couldn’t stop ISIS without angering Syria and Bashar al-Assad. He came up with excuses for every reason not to do what’s right, be it in the economy, be it foreign policy.

ISIS has been defeated.

We’re on the verge of creating wealthy for a vast majority of Americans the likes of which they haven’t seen in many years. Ditto security. And if it happens here, if what we’re on the verge of seeing… Now, you may think I’m going insane here. “What do you mean, Rush, on the verge of…?” Yeah, folks, this is really happening out there. I should tell you that consumer confidence is at an all-time high, or near it, because the economy is real! People are living it! And that’s why it is expanding and growing! And that’s why there’s this positive attitude about it.

People are not being told it’s happening and told that it’s good. They’re living it. Much to the chagrin and much to the anger of the American left. But you’re not hearing any of this reported. That’s why you think somebody speaking like I am might be a little insane here. But if this begins to happen in the United States, it will ripple throughout the world. Because everybody’s gonna want their piece. Everybody’s gonna want more of the same.

The American leftists and the worldwide leftists are gonna continue their criticism of America. As the economy grows and as wealth increases and expands and as overall economic circumstances improve, the left is going to continue to bash them and to claim they’re not real, that they’re artificial, and it’s nothing “sustainable,” that magic word will be used. Worldwide socialists and leftists will say much the same thing, but others are gonna want in on it.

And Trump is, I firmly believe, on the verge here of setting up a fairly and friendly set of market forces that are going to spur innovation, entrepreneurism, and competition throughout the world with his trade deals! Despite what you and everybody else in the world is hearing from propaganda media, we are trending in all of the right directions, not just economically. In terms of the judiciary, Trump is doing the right things in the appointing of judges. Remember, the judiciary is the left’s insurance policy for losing elections.


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