RUSH: We Are Staying In Afghanistan. What Is A Looney Tune Democrat Voter To Do!?

OBAMA: Pressure from Pakistan has resulted more Al-Qaeda coming into Afghanistan, and we’ve seen the emergence of an ISIL presence. I’m therefore announcing the following steps which I am convinced offer the best possibility for lasting progress in Afghanistan. First, I’ve decided to maintain our current posture of 9800 troops in Afghanistan through most of next year, 2016. Their mission will not change. Our troops will continue to pursue those two narrow tasks that I outlined earlier: Training Afghan forces and going after Al-Qaeda.

RUSH: What does that mean, “going after Al-Qaeda”? He’s trying to tell you that we don’t have any real boots on the ground. There are 9,800 people there, but we’re gonna be training the Afghans. We’re not firing shots. We’re not engaging in war because the combat portion of the war ended. He announced that back in May, and he re-announced it this morning. America’s combat mission came to an end. But now, all of a sudden ISIL/ISIS is in Afghanistan in addition to being in Syria, in addition to being in Iraq, and he’s laying that off on Pakistan?

“Pressure from Pakistan has resulted in more Al-Qaeda coming into Afghanistan, and we’ve seen the emergence of [ISIS], so I’m going to maintain our current position. I’m going to maintain our current presence.” What’s that? The combat mission’s over! You’re bringing the troops home. No, 9,800 are staying. They’re gonna train the Afghans, gonna go after Al-Qaeda. Meanwhile, loyal Democrat Looney Toon voters are beside themselves with confusion because they believe President Obama when he says he’s going to end wars and focus on climate change.

And they believe their Democrat presidential candidates when in debates they say, “We’re gonna get out of Afghanistan. We should have never been in the first place. We’re gonna get out of Iraq. We should never have been there in the first place. We’re gonna stop all these wars. We’re the reason for these wars! Bush and the Republicans are the reason for the wars and we’re gonna gonna stop it. There ain’t gonna be any more war and there not gonna be any more banks and there aren’t gonna be any more births and there aren’t gonna be any more corporations.

“There aren’t gonna any more political donations, aren’t gonna be anything more but welfare as far as the eye can see. Except we are gonna stay in Afghanistan.” What is a Looney Toon Democrat voter to do? Take to social media and put his or her insanity on display in the form of utter frustration. But let no one be confused, ladies and gentlemen. Our objective in Afghanistan is not victory. No, no, no, no. Victory is politically incorrect. You know why?

Because that would mean somebody loses, and we will not be responsible for anybody losing. We’re gonna keep 9,800 troops there, but victory? “Nope, nope, nope! Don’t even think that. That’s not what we’re about. That’s not what America’s about. That’s never been what America’s about. Victory over people? Yeah, victory over the Indians? How did that work out for the Indians? Victory over the Mexicans? How did it work out? We’re not gonna be that kind of America anymore.

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