RUSH: We Are Getting The ROYAL SHAFT

RUSH: The thinking is that people are so dumb and so stupid that they will not learn what I just told you and that they will show up in 2014 and vote Democrat to win the House and keep the Senate because they love Obamacare.  They now think they get to keep their doctor ’cause Obama apologized. They get to keep their doctor for just a year. They get to keep their plan, but the price for that goes up, too.  They think that by hiding the truth, you are so stupid that you are not going to learn the truth. 


But there are people like me and countless others who are going to tell you the truth.  You’re not gonna have enroll to find out what you face price-wise when you do enroll.  This is how little they think of you and how dumb they think you are. If they just delay by a month or two, just delay the mandatory enrollment, you’ve got to be signed up, you’ve got to pay your money to Obamacare, you’ve got to have insurance, until after the election, that you’ll vote Democrat, happily, supportively, and then, after the election, when you figure out what’s happened, you’ll have no power to do anything about it other than get mad, and they don’t care if you get mad after the election.  They don’t care if you realize you have just been shafted after the election.

They don’t want you to think or realize you’re getting shafted before you vote.  You are getting the shaft.  We all are.  We are getting the royal shaft.  Obama just thinks you’re stupid enough to not realize it before November of 2014.  Jay Carney thinks you’re stupid enough and he can convince the media to tell you that you’re stupid enough that you won’t know you’re getting the shaft before November of 2014.  Come December 2014 when you get the shaft and realize it, they’ll say, “Gee, we’re sorry you feel that way.  This wasn’t our intention.”

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