RUSH: Washington ELITES Are Aligned To PARALYZE Trump

RUSH: How do I know this? Because I play golf. I am fully familiar with the psychology of elite membership clubs, and I’m telling you I understand exactly what’s going on with the establishment here in Washington, D.C. Folks, you don’t have to be an expert in it. This is just common sense. Understand something. Washington, D.C. is the wealthiest town in the world. More money is collected there, spent there, allocated there. More money than anywhere in the world. That makes it the most powerful city in the world.

The people that live there, the people that make their careers there have as their objective to get their hands on as much of that money — your tax dollars and whatever the government earns selling arms and weapons and so forth and whatever else. The objective is to get as much of that money as they can for themselves and their clients. It’s not to defend and protect the Constitution. It’s not Civics 101. It’s not about separation of powers. It’s about pursuit of money. It’s natural human emotion, behavior, tendencies. Membership in this club is very, very, very small, and it’s very, very controlled.

They’re not gonna permit just anybody that wants to to get in that club and join the pursuit of that money or determine how it’s spent or determine how it’s allocated, and that’s exactly who Donald Trump is. Donald Trump would never be admitted to this group. Donald Trump… If he applied for membership in the, quote, unquote, “establishment,” Trump would never be admitted, if there were such things as admissions and applications. And yet he’s found himself in the most powerful position in it. This has been met with tremendous resentment, anger, fear, loathing, hatred.

Particularly when what Trump said on the campaign trail was a clear signal that his intention was to drain the place. Well, the people that have enjoyed exclusive membership in this elite club known as the establishment are just not gonna sit there and let some outsider come in and blow it all up, and that’s what you’ve seen for the past seven or eight months. You have seen it, whether it’s Obama intelligence people embedded in the deep state, whether it’s Obama administration officials unmasking Trump people, whether it’s the media.

Whoever and everybody that has been involved in the undermining and the sabotaging of Donald Trump has been doing so on the basis of protecting the elite membership of the establishment in Washington, D.C. Membership includes media. Membership includes elected officials, but not all of them. Not every elected official is a member of the establishment. Some of them are conservatives, and they’re not permitted. They live there and they work there, but they’re not in the establishment. Everybody in the media is for the most part. There are a few exceptions there too. Think tank-ery, you name it.

The whole town is built around the existence of this establishment. Harvard and Yale are feeder colleges to educate future members of this establishment. Law schools and journalism schools ditto. The idea of an outsider — particularly one that the elite considers a pig — coming in here and winning and overturning it? There is just no way, folks. They’re sure not gonna permit it. Republicans, Democrats, whatever. So while they put on a show of the argument being Republican versus Democrat, the president versus Democrats, that’s not what’s going on.

This is the elite membership of the establishment unifying to get rid of Donald Trump and make sure that nothing of his announced agenda happens. No wall, no tax reform, no immigration reform of substance, and certainly no repealing of Obamacare. Not all members of the establishment are equally powerful. There are those who run it. You don’t know who they are. They don’t seek office. They’re not officeholders. They are the chess players, the puppeteers.

These are the people who assign roles. These are the people who determine how much money from the pile goes where, how much they get, and they then have the power (because of their ability to disburse the money), who gets it and therefore who remains loyal to the power and the elite club known as the establishment. They’re all aligned and unified now to deny Donald Trump — and if they can, to sabotage his presidency. They don’t care about impeachment. Just paralyze him. This has been from day one.


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