RUSH WAS RIGHT!: “Trump Has NOTHING But The People That Voted For Him”

RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites. I want to go back to me on this program on January 23rd. This is just two or three days after Trump has been inaugurated.


RUSH ARCHIVE: The entire Washington establishment is opposed to him. The media is trying to undermine him. The Democrat Party’s trying to undermine him as they set up what will no doubt be impeachment proceedings when they think it’s time to do it. That will happen. Trump has nothing but the people that voted for him, and if the media can soften some of their verve — if the media can succeed in separating some Trump supporters from him — then their theory is he will be weakened even further and exposed even more as fraudulently and illegitimately elected and illegitimately serving. …

This election is not over. This election is not cemented. It is not validated. It isn’t real, because Trump is illegitimate, and the only thing Trump has — and it’s important. It’s the most important thing. The only thing he’s got are his supporters. And therefore his supporters have got to stay as energetic and as front and center and as supportive as they were during the campaign. That’s all he’s got. He’s got the power. He is the president, don’t misunderstand.

But in this PR battle, in the image battle, in the buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz battle, in the narrative battle, he doesn’t have anybody. Well, I take that back. Look, he’s got this program for the most part, and he’s got enough people at Fox News, and he’s got some magazines. But he doesn’t have the so-called mainstream media. So it is really important that the people that voted for him maintain their support and be publicly willing to demonstrate it.


RUSH: Voila! And right here they have in the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll: “Trump’s Approval at 50% in the Counties that Fueled His Win.” That was all the way back on January 23rd. Now, last night on PBS NewsHour Weekend, the anchor (let’s see) — this is Hari Sreenivasan — spoke with Jeff Greenfield. He used to be with ABC News. Now he’s journalist and political analyst. He was at CNN at one time too. I don’t know if he’s independent or with somebody now or not. But, anyway, he wasn’t a guest and he was being asked about Trump’s relationship with media.

Sreenivasan says, “You say President Trump’s base doesn’t buy that anything happened regarding the Trump campaign coordinating with the Russians.” Now, listen to this question: “Can anything change that?” Folks, you have here a PBS-media type. The media knows that their key to destroying the Trump presidency is separating Trump’s supporters from Trump. They know that. Right now they, I think, are misaiming all of this collusion stuff, and all of this obstruction stuff is aimed at themselves. I have long believed that journalists at CNN report and write what they say to impress other journalists at NBC and CBS and MSNBC.

And then vice-versa. The Washington Post guys write to impress the people at the New York Times and sometimes beat them. The New York Times writes to impress the people at the Washington Post and sometimes beat them. And, of course, their lunatic base readership. They don’t know how to appeal to anybody else. They don’t know how to appeal to people that live in flyover country. They just don’t know, because they hold those people in contempt. They think those people are stupid. They don’t know. So their objective is to actually destroy support for Trump amongst Trump supporters.


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