Rush Was Right: The Oprah Had To Deal With ‘Fat Bias’

RUSH: Then there was a story, the upshot of this is something was referenced about Oprah’s size, that there was size bias involved, not so much race bias. That the real bias that occurred against The Oprah was that she was overweight and that the overweight tend to be poor, and it’s the rich who are stick thin.  And I happened to make — I don’t even remember what it was but I’m still getting grief.  I am still getting grief over calling Oprah fat, and I did not call Oprah fat.  I simply said, “Is this news to anybody?” 

When the story came out that there was size bias, there are a bunch of people outraged over that, I said, “Well, is it news to people that Oprah — I mean, she’s kind of made it a big deal on her show that she is gravitationally challenged, whatever.” So I continue to get grief because it was reported that I called Oprah fat.  Now, there’s a the story from the UK Guardian that ran over the weekend after all of this went down.  Oprah faced not just fashion retail racism, but size bias, too.  This is why it’s a controversy.  I am the one who posited that it might be because Oprah was overweight.  I guess this was on Friday.  Everybody had a cow.  And I remember asking you in the audience, “Is this news?”


RUSH: This is, by the way, Heidi Moore writing in the UK Guardian. “She has to deal with the rebellion of her body. She may find sympathetic tailors and fabulous shoes, and accessorize brilliantly,” except from that store, “but she likely knows what all women know: shop assistants won’t be kind to women over a size 10, and that is especially true of woman of color.” It’s what it says here in the UK Guardian. You people get mad at me all you want. Right here it is in the left-wing UK Guardian, Oprah also had to deal with fat bias from the store clerk in addition to race bias, and big bone bias. She had big bone bias, fat bias, and race bias, and all she wanted to do was accessorize nicely for Tina Turner’s wedding. That’s all she wanted to do. Oprah walked into one of the stores in Zurich last month, upscale shop, carries clothes from the usual runway names, and the shop assistant refused to show Oprah a $42,000 bag.

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Rush On Oprah Swiss Racism Claim: ‘Maybe It’s Because The Oprah’s Fat’

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