RUSH WAS RIGHT: Obama Aims To Reduce The Power And The Glory Of The United States

RUSH:  I want to take you back to this program on November 3rd of 2008.  This is the day before Barack Obama was elected. November 4, 2008 was Election Day.  I listen to this and I actually get sick.  Cookie will give me the sound bites of all the things that I said prior to Obama being elected, after he was elected and before he was immaculated. And in all the predictions I’ve made before he was nominated, before he was elected, before he was inaugurated, they’ve all been true. Every damn one of them has come true, and it just makes me sick.  Honestly, folks.  Listen to this.  November 3rd, 2008, as I was desperately trying to get the country to understand what was at stake.


RUSH: “Several new weapons systems will be slashed and older weapons retired.  The military cutbacks have been a central feature of Obama’s policies since 2009,” when he was immaculated into office.  “According to former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, in his recently published book Duty, since entering office, the president has worked to cut US defenses in order to use the funds for domestic programs,” like food stamps.  However, that’s just the practical on-the-surface result.  The motivation for this is what is hideous, the reason for doing this.  It isn’t just to transfer the expenditures from defense to social and create dependence and keep Democrats in power.

There’s something more hideous to this, folks.  And it is what it is.  And it is about reducing the power and the glory of the United States, because in the minds of these collective leftists, it was never warranted.  It was never deserved.  We were the problem in the world.  We and our military were the focus of evil.  We imposed ourselves on free people.  And we took their resources, like their oil, and we took their diamonds, and we took their minerals, and we took everything to make ourselves a superpower and made them poor.  We didn’t pay them for what we stole, in essence.  It’s time that we were cut down to size.

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