Rush Was Right! Liberal Media Openly Accusing Zimmerman Camp Of ‘Staging’ Crash Rescue

RUSH:  It happened last week, by the way.  We’re learning now it happened last week.  I wonder why the media didn’t report this last week?  ‘Cause it happened last week.  What was going on last week that might have made the media want to shelve this and not — oh.  It was the verdict.  Oh, yeah.  The verdict last week.

It’s now beyond Twitter.  It has reached liberal broadcast media.  I’m not gonna mention any names ’cause they don’t deserve it, but liberal broadcast media is now openly accusing the Zimmerman camp of staging the whole thing, particularly since no one was hurt.  Since no one was hurt, the whole thing had to be staged.  You know what the Democrats will always tell us?  They will always tell us what they fear, and they will always tell us what they do.  Their allegations against us, their accusations against us illustrate what they would do.  So when these people on Twitter or in the liberal broadcast media ran around and say this whole thing was staged and made up, they’re telling us what they would do.  How does the thought even occur to ’em?  It occurs to them because it’s something they would do.  Well, if you’re asking how would the thought occur to me, ’cause I know them.

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RUSH: Left Will Say Zimmerman Rescuing Family Was ‘Staged’


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