RUSH: The CBO report.  Folks, to do this properly we almost have to go back to January 16th of 2009.  This would be two weeks before President Obama was inaugurated.  January 16, 2009 was when I said over and over again — what happened, the Wall Street Journal had asked for 200 words from a bunch of conservative media people, advice for President Obama, one of those kind of things.  I forget what the exact question was.  I wrote back and I said, “I don’t need 200 words.  I just need four.  ‘I hope he fails.'”  The reason I said that is because I meant it.  I hope he failed because if Obama would fail the country would survive, the country as founded.


RUSH:  Now, ladies and gentlemen, let me explain again for you why I am revisiting the history of this.  Because it need not have happened.  We do not have to be where we are.  Had the Republican Party had some gonads — had the Republican Party reacted to the president as the president and not an historical figure that was immune from criticism — we would not have this. We do not have to be here.  This is not about me doing a “See, I told you so.” 

This is not about me spending some time here reminding you that I was right.  That would be childish.  This needn’t have happened, and this is horrible for our country what is happening.  It is horrible for the people of this country who do not have a lot of resources and where health care is the most important things in their lives.  This is an absolute tragedy that’s happened here, and it did not have to happen. The truth was known.

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RUSH: ObamaCare Is A Success Because It’s Liberating People From The Responsibility Of Working

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