RUSH WAS RIGHT!: Facebook Founder Sean Parker Admits How Destructive Social Media Is To Our Children

RUSH: Sean Parker. Do you know who Sean Parker is? Does his name ring a bell? Sean Parker, Napster. Napster was eventually shut down. It was a site where you could basically download any song you wanted without paying for it. This naturally upset the music industry. But Sean Parker became a hero. He was offering Millennials and young people things for nothing! They loved him. And he was instrumental in the founding of Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg sought out Sean Parker and his advice on various things, and Sean Parker was one of the founding members of Facebook, until he wasn’t, ’til he decided to quit, for a host of reasons. And now Sean Parker, who has always had his hands and feet in innovative tech, has now started something new in his life about discovering, diagnosing cancer and autoimmune diseases as well. But he has now come out and has openly criticized Facebook and other social media, saying God knows what it is doing to our children. God knows.

And he said: We knew that it was manipulative. We knew that people using it were vulnerable. We knew that we were devising little psychological ploys to keep people watching and reading and clicking and logging in. We knew exactly what we were doing to people to create this massive audience that never left us.

And now he has seen the light and understands how destructive, potentially so, all of this is. And let’s go audio sound bite number 2. Axios founder and executive editor Mike Allen talked to Sean Parker. They’re talking about the early days and development of social media, which, in Sean Parker’s case, was Facebook.


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