RUSH WAS RIGHT! Everbody Knew Who Donald Sterling Is

RUSH: Now, again, I just want to point out that every one of these people who are all excited and happy have known about Donald Sterling for 33 years or 34. He’s the longest tenured owner in the NBA. Let me grab this New York Times story. It only took the Times how many days to catch up with me on this? We’ve been saying this since Monday. This is Wednesday. It took the Times three days.

But you who listen to this program knew on Monday that whatever you heard on that tape of Donald Sterling on Saturday was nothing new, and everybody — not just in the sports scene in LA, everybody in the LA media — knew who Donald Sterling is. They didn’t say a thing, didn’t do a thing. They looked the other way.

The team was losing, was never threatening to win anything. The Lakers owned the town. The Clippers couldn’t even buy a headline. So what did it matter? Now the fake, faux outrage from people who’ve known about this, and the New York Times has caught up with it. “Why did it take a tape recording aired on a gossip website to ignite nationwide ire against Donald Sterling?

“Suddenly, as if it were breaking news, a recorded conversation said to be between Sterling and a girlfriend has made the Los Angeles Clippers’ owner the most hated outlaw in the sports world, a man considered such a vile bigot that even President Obama felt the need to weigh in.” What do you mean, “even” Obama? He’d be first in line! This is made to order for Obama and the Democrat Party.

This is all they’ve got!

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