RUSH WAS RIGHT! Democrats Accuse Issa Of Racism

RUSH: Now, this clash that took place on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform with Issa and Elijah Cummings, exactly what I feared and predicted and mentioned at the time has indeed happened. Here is the Washington Post and their headline, and they’re just enraged here. This is the Lois Lerner hearing. Lois Lerner was supposed to show up and answer specific questions about why she had, in e-mails, referred to the Tea Party and Tea Party activities in such disparaging and critical ways. The IRS is not supposed to single out groups for punishment. The IRS did sabotage Tea Party fundraising.

So Lois Lerner was brought back a second time, and she took the Fifth Amendment.  The way it went was she’s brought in, she’s sworn in, Issa asked her five, six, maybe seven questions, she took the Fifth Amendment on every one. He said, “That’s all we’re gonna get, it’s over, there’s nothing to be done here,” and opening statements were made.  He made an opening statement, others did. Elijah Cummings made an opening statement. He’s the ranking Democrat, little Elijah on the committee, he made an opening statement. Then Issa asked Lerner the questions.  When she took the Fifth, that was it, and Issa adjourned. As he adjourned, Elijah, “Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, I have a question, I have a question.”

“No, no, the meeting’s adjourned.”

“What do you mean?  I have a question.  I want to ask a question.”  The meeting was adjourned and then Issa relented and said “Okay, well, what’s your question?”  And Cummings launched into a statement, and those were over.  The meeting had been adjourned. So Issa cut Cummings’ microphone off, and this just enraged Cummings.  I think this whole thing was planned.  I think the whole thing was planned and strategerized so as to make this thing about Issa and not about Lois Lerner, and they succeeded.  It is now totally about Issa.  And guess what? 

Also easily predictable, Issa is now a racist.  Now, Darrell Issa has been working with these Democrats in the House for I don’t know how many years, and nobody has ever accused him of racism.  The Reverend Jackson has tweeted that he thought it was really mean what Darrell Issa did, and he said it was racist.  Which is about the only thing Jesse Jackson can say anymore that will make people stop and listen.

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