RUSH: Warren Buffett And Bill Gates Have Figured It Out

RUSH: What have I always told you about Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, the two richest men in America.  The left and the low-information crowd love both of them.  Whenever there is any animus in any discussion about the evil rich, be it tax cuts or whatever, nobody is ever mad at Warren Buffett, and nobody’s ever mad at Bill Gates.  And do you know why?  Because those two guys have figured out that the way to keep the barbarians from their fortunes is to sound just like them. 

So Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, at every turn, tell everybody the rich aren’t paying enough in taxes.  They don’t live their lives that way, but publicly, for public consumption by low-information voters and others, why, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, listen to these guys, they think that their fortunes, when they die, should be given to the government or to charity.  They’re not gonna give it to their rich, worthless kids.  Low-information people approve of that.  They hear Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, specifically Buffett, he’s on the Obama campaign trail, speaking for tax increases. 

The Kennedys did the same thing. One of the wealthiest families in the country at the time, and what were they for?  Raising taxes on every damn person they could find.  And what did that accomplish?  It kept the people, the barbarians with the pitchforks, away from their houses.  In fact, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are loved because these low-information people think they’re looking out for ’em.

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