RUSH: Walmart Bonuses Is Money That’s NOT Going To The Government

RUSH: Christine Romans is one of the many economics correspondents for the Drive-By Media which just covered for every mistake and bad move economically that Obama made. She has been constantly (like all the others in her business) trashing American businesses as being unfair and treating their employees unfairly and not paying decent wages.

I mean, she’s been right down the line with the liberal Democrat talking points on corporations. And so I guess this is so blatantly obviously that not even CNN thinks that they can cover this , mask this or turn it into something negative. This is on CNN’s Newsroom today, and she’s reporting about Walmart’s decision to increase parental leave, raise wages, and give out bonuses.

ROMANS: Walmart raising its minimum wage again, handing out tax cut bonuses because of the new tax law. Uh, workers will make at least $11 an hour starting next month. Employees will be eligibility, some of them, for bonuses of up a grand. The retailers have the biggest to gain from the tax bill.

MAN: (chortling)

ROMANS: You look at 35% tax rate all the way down to 21% tax rate. Walmart has the money to do it; it’s gonna raise wages again. Also, it’s in a food fight with Amazon and other online retailers. So it behooves them to keep their employees happy.

RUSH: She just admitted… She just admitted that there is competition in the private sector that is improving the lot in life of employees. She just admitted that employees’ standard of living is getting better in the private sector because of tax cuts and because of competition between Walmart and Amazon. In the previous eight years, if anything good happened to you it was because of Obama, and Obama and Michelle Obama caring about you, and Obama and Michelle Obama punishing corporations for not being fair with you, and punishing corporations for making products that kill and you punishing corporations for destroying the world with climate change.

And now we get this? She mentions the tax rate reduction from 35% to 21%. “Walmart has the money.” You know, they would love to do a story about how with the tax cuts, Walmart is not bonusing everybody and not raising their wages and not expanding benefits. They would love to report that story, except they can’t because the corporations that are doing what they’re doing are giving the money to employees, and remember… Folks, this is so important economically to understand this.

These bonuses… I don’t care what company we’re talking about, these bonuses are not coming from the profit line. They are coming… This is money that would otherwise go to the government. This is the tax cut being given to people that work there. Not all of it. Some of it’s gonna be plowed into R&D obviously and other budget areas to grow the business. But they are treating their employees to expanded benefits, wages, bonuses, and all of this. Republicans need to drive this home throughout this year: Your improved standard of living is because the money you are earning is money you’re keeping.

The increase in your standard of living this year is money that the government did not get because the Republicans cut your taxes. And that’s it in a nutshell. And this is something, again, not one Democrat voted for. This is something that pretty much every member of the Democrat leadership lied about. This is something that no Democrat, not only didn’t vote for, but probably doesn’t support. This is a threat to Democrats! Rising economic stability, rising standards of living, less dependence on government?

Those are not good things. As I said yesterday, the Democrat Party is the one political party that profits from poverty, the one political party that attempts to grow and enrich itself with poverty. The Democrat Party is the Democrat Party that stakes its future on a constant underclass in poverty. Yet they claim they’re for the little guy. They’re looking out for the little guy. They’re protecting the little guy from these evil, big, bad corporations.



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