RUSH: Wait Until The Other ObamaCare Shoe Drops In 2014

RUSH: I mean, they’re just continuing to tell lies here, and they sent Carney out to say yesterday, “Well, of course the president doesn’t like what’s going on here! He doesn’t like these substandard plans that people had, and what is gonna happen here is that people, when they lose their plan and sign up they’re gonna get a better deal. Who’s opposed to that? So here’s what they’re defining as “getting a better deal.” It’s losing your doctor, losing your existing plan that you liked, now having to shop blind on a website that doesn’t work for a health plan.

Settling for Medicaid-level care and government controls at underserved hospitals and clinics, all for a premium that’s on average 41% higher than what you were paying. That, somehow, is a better deal. Here is the piece de resistance”Wait until the other shoe drops in 2014…” Do you know what that other shoe to drop is? All we’re talking about now is people who are losing individual insurance, meaning you have gone to an insurance company and bought an individual policy, and you may be lumped in with another group.

But right now, that’s the only thing affected is individual policies. Nevertheless, even though that limited number of people is affected, that limited number of people is causing all of this havoc. The other shoe to drop in 2014 is when this I same thing starts happening to people who get their health care at work. We’re not talking about employer-provided coverage here yet. That shoe doesn’t drop until next year. Right now, it’s just the individual insurance market that’s being affected by the exchanges.

It’s just the individuals who are unable to keep the plan they like. Wait until everybody who’s insured by their boss begins to lose their plan! That happens in January of next year. Then all hell is gonna break loose because then we’re talking about the vast majority of the people in this country. Admittedly, folks, the individual insurance market is not the major part of it. I mean, how many of you…? Let me just ask you the question. How many of you have a health insurance policy, or had, that you went out and bought yourself?

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