RUSH: Voters Will Reward Crack Smoking More Than Choom Gang Members

RUSH: The Independent Journal Review is reporting that this mayor in Toronto, Rob Ford, the guy who smoked crack one night at a party. He said he got drunk and smoked crack and didn’t know it. He hung in there. They wanted to get rid of this guy. They tried to get rid of this guy. They made fun of this guy.  They laughed at this guy.  They were all over this guy to quit, and his approval numbers are back up to 47% in Toronto.  His approval numbers are higher than Obama’s.  The crack-smoking mayor of Toronto’s numbers are higher than Obama’s, and it says here that the reason why is “his response to the December ice storm seems to have to have thawed his approval rating.”

It seems the people of Toronto are very happy with the way the mayor dealt with the ice storm up there.  And so they didn’t care that he was smoking crack while getting drunk one night.  The fact that he dealt with the ice storm and kept everything moving, great guy, as far as they’re concerned.  Now, Obama’s favorability in the poll is down to 38%, that’s down five points from 43% November. He’s nine points behind the crack smoking mayor of Toronto.  I guess voters will reward crack smoking more than choom gang members.  Who knows.

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