RUSH: ‘Virtually Everything Happening In This Country That Is Going Wrong Can Be Traced To Liberalism’

RUSH: The IRS scandal is liberalism out of control.

Benghazi is liberalism out of control.

The White House tapping into the AP phone lines is liberalism out of control.

The rotten economy is liberalism out of control.

The mounting national debt and the annual budget deficits are liberalism out of control.

Falling wages, shrinking private sector — i.e., shrinking economy — rising student loan debt, more and more college graduates with worthless degrees and education, that is liberalism. This is what we get with liberalism! This is why I detest it. This is why I oppose it. This is why I hope it fails, and I don’t care who is in charge of it. I don’t care who holds office. If they are liberal, I’m going to oppose them. Perpetuating the global warming hoax? It isn’t just Obama. It isn’t just Algore.

That’s all of liberalism out of control. Virtually everything that is happening in this country that is going wrong can be traced to liberalism and activist, excited liberals populating every important position in our bureaucracy.

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