RUSH: Van Jones While Talking ‘Trump Country’ Describes The ‘Limbaugh Radio Show’

RUSH: Van Jones doesn’t know it, but he has just described this radio show.  He went to Trump country to try to figure out what this is all about.  He admits, he went out there to Trump country.  Actually, play 14 and 15.  Play them in order.  Here’s the first one.  It was on CNN last night.

JONES:  It’s interesting.  I’ve just spent the past several days in Trump country.  I got a chance to be in Pennsylvania, Ohio, talking to Trump voters. I’m gonna tell you, that speech sounded differently to his voters.  He said, “Now is not the time to downsize our dreams.”  He said, “I’m asking you to dream big again.”  There are people out there who are hurting economically, and they have felt that the elites just want them to settle, just to kind of swallow the technology, swallow the globalization and settle.  And he’s pushing back on that.

RUSH:  Is this not amazing?  Now, stop for just a second.  Here is a guy who was an original member of the Obama Regime and because it was discovered that he’s got communist ties, a big deal was made of it and he’s out.  Now he’s been on CNN where communism lives in America.  And he actually went to Trump country.  Remember, he called the election originally a whitelash. Meaning a bunch of racist, bigot, angry white people decided to get back at having had to endure a black president.  And folks, they believe that.


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