RUSH: UNDERMINING Of American Elections Is Happening Today On Capitol Hill

RUSH: So here’s the things to look for. Here are the things to look for, because I’ll tell you what the objective of this is, just to repeat it very quickly, we’ll take a break, come back with your phone calls. The objective here is, I say one of two things, there could be more. But the first thing is, “Okay, Trump, you gonna get the message, stand down, stop all this draining of the swamp, stop all this Obamacare stuff, stop all this stuff you’re doing on trade, just stop all this stuff and go back to governing the way we want you to govern or we’re gonna impeach you.”

Because that’s what this is about. This is all about furthering the delegitimization of the entire Trump presidency, even though there’s no evidence that it’s illegitimate in any way, shape, manner, or form. There’s none. There is literally none. That’s what makes this so Twilight Zone-ish. And again, if there’s any undermining of American elections, it’s happening today on Capitol Hill as part of this committee hearing.


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