RUSH: Trump’s Tweet Slamming Nordstrom Has Supporters CHEERING!

RUSH: Are you aware that the famous upper-tier and high-class department store chain Nordstrom decided to get rid of all Ivanka Trump products?
Purses, lipstick, whatever Ivanka makes fashion related. Whatever it is, they publicly announced that they’re getting rid of Ivanka stuff, and it was last week. Well, Trump today tweeted how bad he thinks that is. He tweeted it, and he slammed Nordstrom for getting rid of his daughter’s fashion line. He said, “Her fashions are great, her products are great, and Nordstrom is also being political and making a dumb, stupid move here.” Well, I watched this on CNN, and they had a panel assembled to discuss this.

The consensus on the panel was, “You don’t do this! Presidents don’t do this! This is something a father would do. A father would defend his daughter. But you don’t go out there and pick winners and losers. The president, with his microphone and with his bully pulpit, shouldn’t be going out there and criticizing individual businesses that are making business decisions!” See, that’s not what’s going on. Nordstrom didn’t make a business decision; they made a political decision, I think.

I have some experience with this kind of rot, and I think this is a pure political decision that Nordstrom made. This is not business. They’ll hide under the umbrella that it’s business. And to a certain extent, it is. But, I mean, it’s politics driving it. And that’s what Trump was talking about in his review of the oral arguments of the Ninth Circus. He was simply saying he can’t believe how political this is. This is the law! We’re talking about the law here! What has politics got to do with it?

So he goes out, he defends his daughter — and I’m gonna tell you again: Trump supporters who hear about this — the people that voted for Trump — stand up and cheer when he does this. The fact that it’s not something presidents do doesn’t matter to them. Because these people have seen people on their side be savagely, personally assaulted and attacked with lies and distortions, and they’re fed up with nobody pushing back against it. People that vote for Donald Trump, I don’t know whether they buy Ivanka Trump stuff or not; that’s not the point.


RUSH: Donald Trump has come to the defense of his daughter, a business under attack — and I’m here to tell you that the people that voted for Trump and support Trump have not one problem with that.

In fact, they’re probably cheering it.


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