RUSH: Trump’s Approval Rating Is UP, And It’s Based Solely On PERFORMANCE

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RUSH: Trump’s approval rating, as I mentioned, is ticking back up. This is not supposed to happen. Trump’s approval numbers are supposed to stay down and continue downward once the Drive-Bys think that they are making this happen. But it’s not. The approval rating is ticking upward following his response to the hurricanes. Have you seen any news about that, by the way, folks?

Have you seen a story, have you seen a single story this week about the federal government’s behavior and competence and response to hurricanes Harvey and Irma? You haven’t, have you? Why do you think that is? Why do you think you haven’t? You haven’t seen a story on how well things are going.

Here in Florida, I can tell that Florida Power & Light is so far ahead of schedule in restoring power. I mean, we got it back in four days when we were originally told it could be many weeks. Some people were told the power plant servicing them was seriously damaged and it could be months. But I think over 75% of the people that lost power have had it restored. I mean, it’s still a disaster in many places, but some of the flooded areas, say in Miami, the floodwaters have receded faster than the media suggested would be the case.

But it fascinated me because there’s not a single story about this. And what that must mean, what that must mean is that Trump and the administration are doing a bang-up job with this. And so are the Republican governors in Texas and in Florida.

Because I’m here to tell you, if there were any problems, if there were people being left out, if things weren’t being improved and improved rapidly, then the Drive-Bys would be all over it, and you’d be reading about it. There would be columns, and there would be stories, and there would be panel discussions on the incompetence of Donald Trump. “He just doesn’t know these things,” they would say. “He just doesn’t have the experience,” they would say, “of dealing with a bureaucracy like this.”

And apparently, Donald Trump has real-world experience at building a lot of things and rebuilding a lot things and dealing with disasters like this. And the very absence of any news about this is the truth and the indication. So Trump’s approval numbers are ticking up, in large part, because of the aftermath from the hurricanes. And the UN speech, I guarantee you when they start polling on the approval opinion of Trump after that U.N. speech yesterday, it’s gonna skyrocket. Well, I shouldn’t say skyrocket. But it’s going to trickle-up. It’s gonna move up after that speech yesterday.

And the disconnect on that is breathtaking to behold. You listen to people in the aforementioned establishment — and you can do that by watching anybody in the Drive-By Media — and they think it was embarrassing. Trump overall is embarrassing. His speech was embarrassing. Ew. It embarrassed us, say the Drive-Bys. It embarrassed us, say the members of the establishment. And they want to immediately reach out to their diplomatic brethren in other countries and apologize and say, “Please don’t hold it against us. We didn’t elect him, and we don’t support him. Please, please, do not think he’s speaking for us.”

But yet the Soviet foreign minister praised the speech as one of the greatest of all time that he’s heard.


RUSH: So Trump’s approval numbers are ticking up, and it is based on performance. It is not based on buzz. It’s not based on PR. It’s not based on spin. It’s not based on the media singing Trump’s praises because they’re doing the exact opposite. Trump’s approval number is up from the mid-thirties now to 43%, and it’s based solely on performance.


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