RUSH: Trump’s Agenda Moving Forward Would Be A BIG NAIL In The Coffin Of The Democrat Party

RUSH: The way to end all of this has always been to simply focus on the agenda and get it done however you have to get it done. If that means Trump has to get up to speed on every line in every piece of legislation and be able to sell it to the American people in appearance after appearance, then that’s what it’s gonna take.

If it’s gonna require Trump doing the heavy lifting because there’s nobody better as being Trump than Trump, then that’s what it’s gonna take. If Reince Priebus couldn’t get it done, we’ll see if Kelly can get it done. Meaning: Liaison with the Congress. But I’m telling you, that’s the fix for all of this. Moving the agenda forward would solve the approval numbers, because I guarantee you: Once that agenda moves forward and once items in that agenda are accomplished and begin to happen, everybody in America is gonna see and benefit from it.

Once that begins to happen, all of this opposition is going to be senseless, and it’ll be more and more obvious what it really is: It isn’t substantive; it’s political. Now, given all that — and who can disagree with that? That’s nothing but common sense. Yet members of the president’s own party are not working in that direction. They just can’t get it done. It’s just a shame they couldn’t put together the unity they needed to repeal Obamacare.

Even though every one of them had voted to repeal it many times until the moment of truth. Tax cuts? The same thing. During the campaign, during the convention, every Republican in the world — with the exception of maybe two or three — was espousing their support and belief in tax cuts as a means of reviving the economy for both the American people and American businesses. Professionals and so forth, and business.

Yet now the headlines are, “Well, the time to do is quickly vanishing. The time to get it done is evaporating.” It’s only because people don’t want to do it. And when people don’t want to do something that they’ve promised to do, it requires an effort to bring them in line.

It was never going to be easy. And if there was a mistake made — and maybe there have been many — but I think anybody in the Trump administration who thought that after a certain amount of time had passed that there would be unity, misjudged what’s going on out there. The forces that don’t want Donald Trump to succeed are still there, and they’re gonna remain there because they have a different set of priorities than the Trump agenda or even what’s best for the country.

This is gonna have to be battled, and it’s gonna have to be dealt with face-to-face and head on. And the way you get the American people behind you is to very obviously and loudly promote the agenda, sell the agenda, and then remind people who’s standing in the way of it. That’s why the Trumpster was elected, and it remains the single fix.

And in the process, if this were to happen, then this would be a nail — not the final, of course, ’cause nothing’s ever final politically — but it would be a big nail in the coffin of the Democrat Party, which there is a coffin, and there are some Democrats already in that coffin. And another nail or two could be hammered into it if this agenda were to move forward. I mean, on paper it’s easy. I know making it all happen is more than snapping your fingers. But it’s about time to get serious with it.


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